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Melania Trump makes private comment concerning divorce

Remember the awkward situation below, when Melania refused to hold her husband’s hand in public?

This has been happening more obviously since the Stormy Daniels affair became public. Melania doesn’t say anything publicly, but it’s evident what she’s thinking. Not to mention, apparently she’s not being so silent behind the scenes.

It is being reported that Vanessa Trump sought advice from her mother-in-law before filing for divorce from Donald Trump Jr. US Weekly is reporting that Melania said “The Trump men are one and the same — vain and ­power-hungry.”

Melania told her, “she could do nothing to change that and offering her husband an ultimatum would be a huge mistake because he would choose his thirst for power like his dad.”

While it’s not clear which camp leaked this interesting detail, it really could have been either Melania’s or Vanessa’s in an effort to tell the public why she finally decided to file for divorce.

Regardless of the reason, this is the first real glimpse we are getting of how Melania feels about her husband. Turns out, she sees him the same way America sees him. He’s vain, power hungry and will never change.

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