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Michael Cohen hits Trump with yet another disturbing scandal

Donald Trump’s complicated relationship with Jerry Falwell Jr. is getting more ridiculous by the minute. A recent Reuters report says that Michael Cohen admitted that Donald Trump instructed him to help Jerry Falwell Jr. make some embarrassing photos disappear shortly after Falwell endorsed Trump in the 2016 presidential election. This mess doesn’t stop there.

Cohen apparently kept one of the embarrassing photos of Falwell Jr. which is interesting given that, at the time, Falwell was closely tied to the Ted Cruz campaign. Rachel Maddow put the pieces together of why Falwell would jump ship after Cruz launched his campaign at Falwell’s university. Falwell clearly supported Cruz whole heartedly until he had a sudden change of heart. Perhaps he didn’t have a choice.

If Cohen kept that photo so that Trump could use it to pressure Falwell into endorsing him, that’s just another crime to add to his growing list. Why else would Michael Cohen hang on to it? Why did Trump even have him get involved in this to begin with?

Michael Cohen knows exactly what went down between Trump and Falwell. He kept detailed records to protect himself and has since turned it all over to the authorities. He has clearly given all this evidence over to the SDNY on his way to prison, so it’s possible this mess is still under investigation. Jerry Falwell Jr. is not a completely innocent man in this mess and we can only hope that the authorities take action against all those involved.

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