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Michelle Obama Has Sent Republicans Into PANIC with THIS Move!

Michelle Obama delivered her final Commencement Address as First Lady last week, at City College of New York.  What she said, however, has some people thinking more about her possible future in politics than about the future of the students she was addressing.

Her speech seemed much more like a slightly veiled campaign speech than a commencement address, and it has left many wondering if the First Lady might be considering a run at the Senate.

Mrs. Obama will likely have high approval ratings in whatever state the Obamas settle in after they leave the white house, and a seat in the Senate would likely be a very long-term position for her, as opposed to running for the White House, which would only be 4-8 years, and which Michelle Obama has already expressed no interest in.

So what did she say that is giving off such a strong political impression?  In addition to the majority of her speech being a sharp criticism of Donald Trump’s campaign, there was a whole lot about what makes America great, and this little gem at the end:

“And Graduates, I really want you all to know that there is a reason why, of all the colleges and universities in this country, I chose this particular school in this particular moment…You represent just about every possible background – every color and culture, every faith and walk of life…and that is why I wanted to be here today….because I know that there is no better way to celebrate this great country than being here with you.”

Sounds like she’s already running for office if you ask me.  What do you think?  Would Michelle Obama make a good senator?

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