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Mike Pence hit with new scandal that leaves law enforcement official visibly furious

With everything President Donald Trump has been enduring lately as a result of the new House Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry and the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, it’s been easy to overlook Vice President Mike Pence and the scandals surrounding him. But now is as good a time as any to make sure they’re brought back to the forefront.

For instance, let’s examine the strange event concerning his whereabouts. For all we knew, Pence was on a plane and in route to New Hampshire, but then that’s when things got really interesting. The plane allegedly turned around mid-flight, but the Trump regime couldn’t seem to explain why. In fact, it couldn’t seem to confirm that Pence was even on the plane or that he left the White House in the first place.

As bizarre as that story became, it seems Pence has found himself in a different yet equally strange scandal. And interestingly enough, it also involves travel, but this time, it concerns a trip taken to Aspen, Colorado. While there, Pence allegedly netted more than half a million dollars at a fundraiser. However, according to sources, he conveniently skipped out on a $24,000 bill he owed local law enforcement for working the event. As a result, the Sheriff isn’t thrilled, and has called Pence out on it.

“You raise $700,000 in an hour, you should be able to pitch in to support the community that made you feel welcome,” Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo said.

“We had a SWAT team from Garfield County here that I want to see get reimbursed. We had Carbondale officers here that I want to see get reimbursed. They don’t have this kind of money — I don’t have this kind of money,” he continued.

County Commissioner Greg Poschman had similar things to say as well.

“it was disturbing to me that candidates from both parties blow into town, collect a briefcase full of cash and then blow back out again without really ever doing any public outreach,” Poschman said.

“Mike Pence was just here … and cost us a lot of time and effort when everyone was stuck waiting for his way-oversized motorcade to go through. He could have driven through in a Jeep with a hat and sunglasses and nobody would’ve noticed,” he added.

While I’m sure Pence would prefer to stay out of the headlines, we simply can’t allow such a thing to happen.

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