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Mike Pence Just Threw Himself Into The Middle of Trump’s Scandal

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out Mike Pence is trying to lay low in Trump’s scandal. Perhaps it’s so that when Trump goes down, he will inherit the presidency. The only hiccup here is that Pence is a part of these scandals and if he did take over it probably wouldn’t be for long.

Trump’s porn star scandal, for example, is a huge campaign finance violation, “allegedly”. Basically, Trump is accused of illegally using campaign money to pay off Stormy Daniels so that she wouldn’t talk about their affair. Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, is now trying to say he paid it himself out of his own pocket. No one actually paying attention believes that. The only thing he did was confirm that this scandal is real and worth Trump being concerned about.

Mike Pence is overseas right now trying to look like he has it all together like a proper president, but he can’t avoid the constant questions about Trump. He was trying his standard “no comment” approach when asked about the new Stormy Daniels revelation, but then he added “on the latest baseless allegations against the President.”

That’s right, he said “baseless allegations”, but even Trump’s attorney addressed just how real this scandal is by saying he paid the hush money to Daniels himself. Mike Pence just made a huge slip and threw himself right into the middle of the scandal.

How does Pence know it’s “baseless”? He obviously thinks he knows something that the public doesn’t. Pence has sucked himself into this scandal and when it all blows up, he isn’t going to be able to claim ignorance like he does with every other scandal.

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