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More Documented Evidence on Trump: “E-mails, voice recordings, images, and attachments”

Donald Trump is having one of his worst weeks to date. The House Democrats are now officially going after Trump’s tax returns and financial records just as Robert Mueller’s team is vocally coming out against Barr’s “summary” of the Mueller report. On top of this, Michael Cohen is back in the spotlight and it’s more bad news for Trump.

Cohen now says he has a hard drive full of “e-mails, voice recordings, images, and attachments” that would be valuable evidence against Donald Trump in his many crimes. He is asking for a delay in his sentencing so he can get this evidence to prosecutors and Congress. There’s allegedly over fourteen million files on this hard drive.

When the FBI raided Cohen’s office and residence last year and seized several key pieces of evidence, they apparently missed this hard drive, if it was there. In his letter, Cohen makes it very clear that he hopes this evidence will result in his lesser prison sentence in return for bringing Trump to justice. Obviously, no decision will made until he actually shows someone what is on this hard drive.

This couldn’t be better for House Democrats who have tried every route possible to further their investigation into Trump’s alleged crimes. This break paired with Capital One’s apparent cooperation over the last four weeks could be just what they need to finally break this case out into the open where it belongs. Cohen has done it again and we can’t wait to see what he’s bringing to the table this time.

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