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Mueller Cleverly Reveals Three Crimes He’s Pursuing…and They All Lead Back to Trump

Robert Mueller had a busy end to the month of February, but he’s starting off March quietly. We don’t know what to expect next, but we know something is coming. He’s been talking to the media more, but it has been very clinical and strategic. Despite his best efforts, he did seem to share the three key crimes he’s zeroing in on.

Mueller never lets anything leak to the media unless he wants it leaked. This is no different than all the other times “leaks” have happened at exactly the right time. This time it involves three different media sources and three different stories. One thing is the same, they all lead back to Trump.

CNN reported that Mueller is targeting Trump for the potential money trail between him and Russia from before the election.

Investigators for special counsel Robert Mueller have recently been asking witnesses about Donald Trump’s business activities in Russia prior to the 2016 presidential campaign as he considered a run for president, according to three people familiar with the matter.

Questions to some witnesses during wide-ranging interviews included the timing of Trump’s decision to seek the presidency, potentially compromising information the Russians may have had about him, and why efforts to brand a Trump Tower in Moscow fell through, two sources said.

The lines of inquiry indicate Mueller’s team is reaching beyond the campaign to explore how the Russians might have sought to influence Trump at a time when he was discussing deals in Moscow and contemplating a presidential run.

Then NBC reported that Mueller is following the stolen DNC emails, asking if Trump knew about them.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is asking witnesses pointed questions about whether Donald Trump was aware that Democratic emails had been stolen before that was publicly known, and whether he was involved in their strategic release, according to multiple people familiar with the probe.

Mueller’s investigators have asked witnesses whether Trump was aware of plans for WikiLeaks to publish the emails. They have also asked about the relationship between GOP operative Roger Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and why Trump took policy positions favorable to Russia.

The line of questioning suggests the special counsel, who is tasked with examining whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, is looking into possible coordination between WikiLeaks and Trump associates in disseminating the emails, which U.S. intelligence officials say were stolen by Russia.

The Washington Post is reporting that Mueller is “examining Trump’s apparent efforts to oust Sessions in July”

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has been investigating a period of time last summer when President Trump seemed determined to drive Attorney General Jeff Sessions from his job, according to people familiar with the matter who said that a key area of interest for the inquiry is whether those efforts were part of a months-long pattern of attempted obstruction of justice.

The fact that all three stories hit mainstream media in the same timeframe is very telling.

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