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Mueller Exposes Trump’s Phony FBI Conspiracy Theory, Played Him Like a Total Fool

Trump and his Republican co-conspirators have been trying to get American to believe that FBI agent Peter Strzok was taking actions that rigged the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor, which is literally based on nothing but an outlandish theory from some text messages in which Strzok revealed he hated Trump. However, what Republicans aren’t telling you is that he also revealed he hated Hillary Clinton just as much.

This whole thing is nothing but pure nonsense, but Robert Mueller clearly knew this was coming and used it make Trump et al look like fools for crafting such an insane conspiracy theory.

Trump himself even chimed in, stirring the pot about Peter Strzok:

We know now that Peter Strzok was the same FBI agent who helped James Comey draft the infamous letter – just days before the election – calling for the reopening of Hillary Clinton’s email case, which, as we now know, cost her the election. Based on data from FiveThirtyEight, the “reopening” of Hillary’s investigation was enough to swing the election in Trump’s favor.

It can now be concluded that Strzok was indeed corrupt. Trump and his Republicans are right about that, but what they aren’t saying is that Strzok’s corruption was in Trump’s favor, not Hillary’s

So, getting back to how Mueller has now played Trump and Republicans for fools: Why didn’t Mueller allow this information to be leaked a month ago?

Bill Palmer brilliantly explains it like this: Think it through. If Mueller’s goal had been to prevent Trump and his co-conspirators from arguing that Strzok has been trying to destroy Trump, he easily could have neutered the whole thing from the start, simply by putting it out there that Strzok was trying to rig the election against Hillary. You can’t argue that Mueller simply refuses to leak anything, because Mueller is putting this information out there publicly now.

By waiting a month to reveal Strzok’s true nature, Robert Mueller managed to bait Donal Trump and his Republican co-conspirators into staking themselves to a ridiculous conspiracy theory which he’s now strategically blowing up in their faces. Mueller has ruined their credibility in the process. He’s playing some kind of rope-a-dope with this stuff in order to make Trump’s apologists in Congress look so foolish, they won’t be able to effectively defend him once Mueller makes his big move against Trump. Mueller doesn’t care about cable news gossip. He cares about leverage.

Robert Mueller continues to show what a legal genius he truly is. He’s always 10 steps ahead of Trump and his defenders, which time and time again allows Mueller to show America just how outmatched they really are.

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