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Mueller is on The Money Trail, Just Seized Multiple Bank Accounts

When you take an occasional glance at the court documents Special Counsel Robert Mueller periodically files, you can’t help but notice things he secretly did a long time ago, which serves as a friendly reminder that he’s always several steps ahead of the rest of us at all times.

The latest proof of this lies within his most recent filing, which reveals he’s been seizing Trump-Russia bank accounts since last year.

According to court records, Mueller seized bank accounts at three financial institutions last October around the same time he was indicting and arresting Paul Manafort. With that in consideration, based on the series of financial crimes involved, this shouldn’t be all that surprising.

However, this news is huge as it provides the first official confirmation to wondering minds that Mueller is seizing bank accounts and financial assets of those he’s targeting with criminal charges in the Trump-Russia scandal.

As huge as this news may be, that seizing began six months ago. With that said, can you imagine how many more moves, and perhaps more importantly, how many more accounts and financial assets he’s targeted since then?

Just think about it. Last summer, it was four months before we knew of George Papadopoulos’ arrest and subsequent plea deal. Between that and the latest, if the trend continues, it’s hard to say who else he may have arrested or flipped at this point. But considering all the names involved, you know just as well as I do…there must be others.

So, as with all things pertaining to Mueller’s investigation, there’s always a method to the madness. If I had to guess why Mueller is choosing now to disclose that he went after Manafort’s money, I’d say it’s because he’s trying to send a message to the next Trump-Russia figure. He likely has months worth of evidence against them, and is pushing them to the brink in hopes for a plea deal.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t wait to see what the next court records reveal.

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