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Mueller Makes Brilliant Move That Virtually Strips Trump of Any Defense Against Obstruction

We have now entered the point in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation where technically it’s still going, but in reality it’s over for Donald Trump in terms of avoiding, at the very least, obstruction of justice charges. It doesn’t take much to piece together what has transpired over the past year to come to this conclusion. Let’s lay is all out and you’ll see it as well:

We now know – based on a multiple reports, including one from the New York Times – that Donald Trump ordered his White House Counsel to fire Robert Mueller in June of 2017. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but Mueller has known about this for months. How do we know? Because Mueller interviewed White House Counsel Don McGahn in December of 2017.

It’s also extremely unlikely that former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus didn’t know that Trump ordered Mueller to be fired. Priebus was interviewed by Mueller in October of 2017.

Why is this all extremely important?

Bill Palmer explains it perfectly: “This eliminates any potential legal defense that Trump might even try from there. If he tries to argue that he was too naive to realize he was committing obstruction of justice when he fired FBI Director James Comey, that now goes out the window. That firing prompted a national discussion about obstruction of justice, which Trump would have heard plenty about. Trump, armed with this knowledge, then tried to fire Mueller just a few weeks later. He can’t argue that he was too naive to know he was breaking the law by trying to fire people who were investigating him.”

It can also be argued that this all demonstrates Donald Trump has consciousness of guilt with his Russia scandal. This absolutely applies in a court of law and Trump’s defense won’t hold water.

Think about the irony of this: Donald Trump is likely going to be taken down, in part, by Robert Mueller for trying to fire Robert Mueller.

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