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Mueller’s Investigation Shifts Focus to Trump’s Suspicious Michigan/Wisconsin Wins

Congressional Republicans have been trying their best to undermine Robert Mueller for months. Until recently, it was just a few of them going after Mueller, but now that he’s investigating the RNC for their potential involvement in the Trump-Russia scandal, more Republicans have turned on him. Hmmm…wonder why? Well, it got worse.

Apparently, the Russians targeted voters in Wisconsin and Michigan by feeding them fake political news to influence their votes in the presidential election. These trolls had knowledge that allowed them to specifically target voters in specific areas using information that they could not have had on their own. They clearly got the data they used for targeting voters from somewhere.

New York Magazine is now reporting that Robert Mueller is looking into the Republican National Committee to see if they provided this voter data to the Russians.

Mueller’s team is trying to determine if members of the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee, who worked together on the digital arm of Trump’s campaign, provided assistance to Russian trolls attempting to influence voters. It’s the latest scare for Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, who managed the digital campaign and has already come under scrutiny by the special counsel for his foreign contacts

Mueller’s move appears to concern the disproportionate targeting of swing districts by Russian trolls during the presidential campaign. CNN reported in October that ads placed by Russia-linked Facebook accounts targeted Michigan and Wisconsin in particular, with many “geared at swaying public opinion in the most heavily contested battlegrounds.”

This is the first major indication that Mueller is in fact investigating if Trump and his Republican minions did work with the Russian government to rig the outcome of the 2016 election, particularly in two states that were mathematically impossible for Trump to win based on the lead Hillary Clinton had in the polls.

Even Republicans’ very own internal data had Trump losing the entire election, according to a Politico report.

Less than an hour before the polls closed on November 8, 2016, Ryan made the phone call he’d been dreading. With a handful of staffers and family members lingering nearby, Ryan was patched through to senior officials at the RNC in Washington. They had been analyzing voting patterns and running turnout models throughout the day, and were prepared to share their projections with the speaker: Trump was going to go down in flames, earning just 220 electoral votes. Republicans would lose nearly 20 House seats. Democrats would retake control of the United States Senate. Exactly the debacle Ryan had feared.

If Mueller can prove that this did happen, it will mean Donald Trump was not legitimately elected President.

Jared Kushner, who worked closely with the Trump campaign voter data analysis, and Steven Bannon who worked with Cambridge Analytica both left their fingerprints all over this mess. Paul Manafort also made a last-minute suggestion for Trump to head to Michigan, that in itself is telling.

In case you missed it…

Channel 4 has released an undercover video that ties everything together that we have been suspecting for well over a year. Watch this video:

Buckle up, this is going to get interesting.

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