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Mueller’s Russian Indictments Isn’t The Big Story, It’s What it Means For Trump

As you’ve probably heard by now, Robert Mueller has announced that he’s indicting thirteen Russian nationals, as well as three Russian organizations for a scheme devised to alter the outcome of the 2016 presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor.

While this news is massive on it’s own, everyone is missing the overall implications this has against Donald Trump himself.

First of all, Robert Mueller  – and everyone working the investigation in anyway – has just protected themselves from being fired. Now that a grand jury has ruled that Russia really did in fact try to rig the election for Trump, there is literally no scenario in which Trump can fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at this point. He would be hanging a giant “guilty” sign around his neck if he tried. Not to mention, Republicans have the midterm elections to worry about, so there’s no way they would allow Trump to start firing people at this point.

Bill Palmer points out the more important issue that everyone is overlooking: “Why has Mueller indicted anyone he’s indicted up to this point? It’s been entirely with the aim of getting those individuals to cut plea deals and provide evidence against bigger fish. This will be no different. These Russians will all get a chance to cut plea deals of their own, if they can provide evidence against the Americans they were working with. With thirteen Russians indicted today, one of them will hurry up and be the first to cut a deal, because the first person always gets the most lenient deal.”

Donald Trump is sadly mistaken if he thinks the Russians won’t be spilling the beans with everything they know.

As of this afternoon, most Americans now know that Donald Trump’s presidency is most likley illegitimate. Rod Rosenstein made it a point to say that these indictments do not prove that the Russians were successful in altering the outcome of the election, only that they tried…but that’s a long topic for another article.

What happens next? Trump’s approval ratings will likely plummet and when they reach the 20s, even Republicans will be done with him. Why? Because they want to reelected this fall. From here forward, every day remaining in Trump’s time in office will be about the bombshell that Robert Mueller just dropped. This doesn’t end well for Trump and he’s clearly freaking out. How do we know? Because it’s been several hours since Trump has said a single word on Twitter.

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