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Pelosi and Schiff suggest mountain of charges coming for Trump’s regime

When discussing when the House would vote to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for failing to provide the unredacted Mueller report, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi hinted that multiple members of the Trump regime could actually have contempt charges coming their way in the near future.

“When we’re ready we’ll come to the floor,” Pelosi said. “And we’ll just see because there may be some other contempt of Congress issues that we might want to deal with at the same time.”

Then, just mere hours later, Democratic House leader and House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff came forward in an appearance on the Rachel Maddow show and expanded on that, stating that he is considering reviving the power of Congress to hold people in contempt until they comply and have a “mini-trial”.

“You know, the remedies that we have are the same as the Judiciary Committee and the same as the Ways And Means Committee,” Schiff said. “They’re violating the statute, we can enforce it in court but that takes time”

“That really doesn’t necessarily change in an impeachment proceeding where they can fight us likewise,” Schiff continued, “but there is another remedy that I think we really need to consider that maybe even quicker than an impeachment proceeding or the court proceeding and that is reviving Congress’ inherent power of contempt, something we utilize up until the 1930s where we in effect do our own judicial proceeding in the Congress, have a little mini-trial in the Congress and hold people in contempt and responsible and compel their production without even going to court.”

These proceedings, which would surely be a large televised spectacle, would effectively provide the means for Americans to learn about the severity of the crimes that Trump’s people have committed. Additionally, they would surely build more momentum for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

In other words, assuming there is substance to what Pelosi and Schiff are both suggesting here regarding all of the contempt charges, and Trump’s obstructors are in fact going to be put on trial in the House in one big hearing for all eyes to see, then Trump’s days in the White House are limited at best.

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