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No, Fox News…Obama Did NOT Pay Ransom To Iran, But Reagan Did!

Oliver North, star of the 1980s hit The Iran Contra, went on Fox News last week to criticize President Obama for his Iran dealings, while conveniently forgetting how his old boss Ronald Reagan created the mess over there in the first place.

It’s not that surprising since for decades republicans have been giving their god Reagan credit for freeing those 52 hostages in Tehran, even though it was months of hard work from the Carter administration that actually did it.

It’s ironic that 36 years later, North and many of his since-pardoned (of course, by Republicans) Iran Contra buddies are now accusing President Obama of bending over backwards to give Iran whatever they want ($400,000,000 in this case) to free hostages.

US Uncut reports, “Reagan’s own diaries, published in 2005, explains the details of the arrangement. The following entry is from December 7, 1985:”

“Day opened with “Rex” (our new dog) on our bed. I then had a meeting with Don R., Cap W. and Bud M., John P., Geo. Schultz and Mahan of C.I.A. This had to do with the complex plan which could return our 5 hostages & help some officials in Iran who want to turn that country from its present course & on to a better relationship with us. It calls for Israel selling some weapons to Iran. As they are delivered in installments by air our hostages will be released. The weapons will go to the moderate leaders in the army who are essential if there is to be a change to a more stable govt. We then sell Israel replacements for the delivered weapons. None of this is a gift–the Iranians pay cash for the weapons–so does Israel.

“George S. Cap and Don are opposed–Cong. has imposed a law that we can’t sell Iran weapons or sell any other country weapons for resale to Iran. Geo. also thinks this violates our policy of not paying off terrorists. I claim the weapons are for those who want to change the govt of Iran & no ransom is being pd. for the hostages. No direct sale would be made by us to Iran but we would be replacing the weapons sold by Israel.”

Reagan later more directly confirms the deal in a January 17, 1986, diary entry, where he writes “I agreed to sell TOWs to Iran.”

In a nutshell, “The payment, which sounds really shady out of context, was actually the end of a boring, decades-old international legal case totally unrelated to the hot-button nuclear and prisoner issues.”  Simple as that.

So, no, Ollie, Obama did not spend $400,000,000 to free hostages. You’ve been lying about Reagan for decades, and now you’re lying about Obama too.  It’s time Fox News stopped giving these liars so much air-time to tell their blatant lies and intentionally revised history.

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