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Odd connection made between Trump Jr. and El Chapo’s Mexican drug cartel

Donald Trump’s kids, namely Eric and Donald Jr., have already been shown to have multiple ties to shady business all over the world, including Russia, which is bad for their President dad. New reports show that one of Donald Juniors’ connections goes even deeper, into the Mexican drug cartel, which means there is ties to El Chapo as there isn’t a single drug cartel in Mexico that El Chapo didn’t run.

In 2012, Trump Jr. gave a paid speech to Baltic International Bank’s annual conference and is currently  blocking people on Twitter who try to bring it up. While on that trip, Trump Jr. met with BIB’s founder,  the controversial Latvian banker and former-British football club executive Valērijs Belokoņs aka Valeri Belokon.

Scott Dworkin at the Democratic Coalition Against Trump found a series of #TrumpLeaks photos of Trump Jr. on the bank’s website leading people to believe there was more to this story. He said:

“Don Jr. is looking for an easy out. He met one on one with the head of a bank that was actively running a scam to launder money for mexican drug lords. When confronted with hard evidence, he didn’t deny or clarify, he ran away and hid like a coward.”

The Stern Facts summarizes:

It turns out that Baltic International Bank has been named as a Mexican cartel money laundering agent, is subject of a criminal inquiry in another former Soviet state Kyrgyzstan, plus Valeri Belokon’s partners in Blackpool F.C. accuse the banker of pumping dirty cash into their one-time British Premier League football club.

Belokon’s Baltic International Bank wrote a money laundering manual, and got caught last year, and fined because of the OOCRP’s reporting.

Just like the Mediterranean island of Cyprus who shares a religion with Russia — and where Democratic Congressional investigators visited investigating Trump related money laundering — Latvia’s cultural and language ties has enabled it too, to become an EU hotspot for Russian money laundering.

Even Deutche Bank — recently cited in the $10 billion dollar mirror trading money laundering scam — has cut off most Latvian banks from dollar based transactions, as foreign cash pours into the tiny nation.

BIB even posted new photos to congratulate Donald Trump on winning America’s presidency on November 9th, 2016.

And they show Trump Jr. meeting with Belokon. One on one.

Read the rest of the investigative report by Grant Stern here. There is a mountain of details that America needs to see.

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