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Oddly timed piece of potential evidence for Robert Mueller surfaces late

According to media outlet Politico, federal prosecutors went into the courtroom not long after Mueller wrapped up his investigation and let it be known that, despite having filed the final report and disbanded his team, Robert Mueller’s grand jury is pressing on and “continuing robustly.”

Per Politico“The revelation — while laced with uncertainty — indicates that the ongoing cases Mueller handed off after concluding his probe could still feature significant developments, legal experts said.

David Goodhand, an assistant U.S. attorney, acknowledged the grand jury’s active status during a hearing in U.S. District Court over a push to unveil the identity of a foreign state-owned firm that has been held in contempt for defying a Mueller subpoena.”

This news is particularly interesting, as it sheds a rather interesting light on his long-running subpoena battle with the foreign state-owned firm. Clearly, the subpoena illustrates an attempt at uncovering financial dealings between the bank involved and, presumably, Donald Trump. If that’s the case, then this is huge as it could all but solidify that the Trump campaign colluded with a foreign government.

Additionally, the news ultimately leads to questions regarding the timing of the Mueller report. Just as the Supreme Court was set to announce whether it would be taking up the case, Mueller suddenly and ended the investigation and submitted his report without the evidence in question. Naturally, a few days later, the Supreme Court announced that it would not be taking the case.

Hmmm. Something isn’t adding up. Knowing that Mueller was on the verge of potentially seizing some game-changing assets as a result of the subpoena, possibly proving collusion evidence, it all seems a little too suspicious. Of course, Attorney General William Barr claims that Mueller’s report says there was no evidence of collusion, but perhaps that’s because he knew the Supreme Court was about to hand all of the damning evidence over to Mueller.

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