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Ohio lawmaker demolishes Trump after 600 workers get a text message saying they’re laid off

President* Donald Trump may be bragging about the economy, which looks good on the surface, but his campaign promises of more jobs is leaving a lot of people feeling empty these days.  Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, a Democrat, recently tore into Trump over the plight of Ohioans struggling to find work, after some 600 truckers in the state were abruptly laid off.

Watch the video here.

In it, Ryan says that “600 workers get a text message on a Saturday night (saying) ‘you lost your job.'”

Ryan continued by ripping into Trump for his Ohio campaign speech telling Ohioans not to sell their houses because “we’re going to get those values up.”

Since that time, Ryan noted, “we’ve lost the second shift at our General Motors plant, and General Motors, on the same that those workers were walking out, announced they’re building a new factory in Mexico.”

Democrats need to latch on to messages like this for 2020, because Trump will continue to claim the economy is good and jobs are up, and his followers will continue to believe him, even when it’s clearly not true.

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