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Opinion: Mueller is about to set the record straight with the truth

This week Attorney General William Barr released a pro-Trump “summary” of the Robert Mueller report. If this “summary” was even half truthful, this entire mess wouldn’t be blowing up like it is. Since Barr released a highly questionable version of his summary, the legal experts have called his bluff and the public is demanding answers. Mueller is going to have to come to the front and set the record straight.

The House Democrats are most likely going to do two things. They are going to subpoena the Mueller report, which will possibly lead to a lengthy legal battle. This will force them to also subpoena Barr and force him to testify on why he misled the public in regards to the report. All of this could get very messy, but that’s nothing compared to Mueller’s role in this.

Everyone knew that if the Trump regime tried to pull this stunt with the Mueller report, the House Dems would want to bring in Mueller to testify. The way Barr has handled this leaves them little choice. Bringing Mueller in to testify is the quickest way to get to the bottom of this mess.

Mueller would most likely cooperate and no one could stop him. The testimony would be limited to the parts that aren’t part of an ongoing investigation, but beyond that he could discuss everything. Everyone wants to hear Mueller’s version of the report. Donald Trump’s troubles are just starting and it’s only going to get uglier.

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