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Papadopoulos’ Confession May Have Just Outed Jeff Sessions on Multiple Felonies

In all the talk about Paul Manafort’s charges of conspiracy brought by Robert Mueller, many people overlooked the more damaging news to Trump.

Trump’s former Foreign Policy Advisor George Papadopoulos has been speaking to the Mueller team since July, and likely cut a deal for himself that will throw Trump and many of his associates under the bus.

One of those associates who may be in very hot water, thanks to the testimony from Papadopoulos, is Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

George Papadopoulos has now admitted he met with a Kremlin-connected professor in an effort to gather dirt on Hillary Clinton by way of obtaining stolen emails. If it wasn’t already obvious, this is a blatant confession that Trump’s campaign did in fact collude with the Russian government.

Papadopoulos’ confession spells out clearly that two Trump officials knew what was going on, and they went right along with it. The two individuals have now been revealed as Paul Manafort and Sam Clovis

Bill Palmer points out exactly why this is not great news for Jeff Sessions:

Sam Clovis was the direct supervisor of Papadopoulos, which is why Papadopoulos ran the collusion past Clovis. But the overall supervisor of the team in question was a guy named Jeff Sessions. It’s difficult to believe Clovis wouldn’t have turned around and run this collusion past Sessions before proceeding. In fact, Mueller is almost surely about to use Papadopoulos’s confession to nail Clovis, who based on his nature is likely to cut his own deal. That would involve giving up whoever he told.

This essentially means Jeff Sessions wasn’t just the innocent guy who had several innocent meetings with the Russian Ambassador during Trump’s campaign and then lied about it.

Instead, there is a very strong likelihood that Jeff Sessions himself signed off on Clovis’ collusion with the Russian government, but that is still to be determined.

Make no mistake, Robert Mueller has this distinct possibility in his sights and will play his hand when the time is right, which just might mean the Attorney General of the United States is guilty of more than one felony.

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