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Protestors have a gift waiting for Trump that he’s sure to have a total meltdown about

According to a Washington Post report, it appears the anti-war activist group known as Code Pink is poised to protest President Donald Trump’s Lincoln Memorial address planned for July 4th.

“We’re appalled that Trump is taking that day to spew his hateful and racist rhetoric,” Code Pink co-director Ariel Gold told the Post.

Additionally, per the report, the group has requested a protest permit from the National Park Service in order to demonstrate against the president. The use of the infamous “Baby Trump” blimp, which depicts an angry caricature of Trump wearing nothing but a diaper, is rumored to be included as part of the permit request as well.

“Code Pink organizers said the decision to import the blimp originated around the time Trump announced he would hold a military parade in Washington last year,” the Post claims. “The parade was canceled amid questions about its impact and cost — estimates indicated it could be as much as $92 million — but through online fundraising efforts, Code Pink raised enough money to bring ‘Baby Trump’ to the District.”

Allegedly, Code Pink’s permit request seeks to fly the Baby Trump blimp over “any open grassy area nearest to [the] Lincoln Memorial.” In other words, directly next to where Trump will deliver his speech.

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