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Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell find something suspicious about the Barr report

As soon as the Barr “summary” of the Mueller report was presented, red flags were waving all over the place. Now everyone wants to know what Trump’s people are trying to potentially hide. This ridiculous attempt at an alleged cover up will only buy them a little time though, because ultimately the whole truth will come out.

Many media outlets have been repeating the words from Barr’s summary as if were actually from Robert Mueller himself. This is just another example of poor reporting on a ridiculously new level. Leave it to Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell, however, to return common sense to the air.

Maddow used her night show on Monday to lay out a list of 15 questions regarding the report and summary. She used the questions to spell out why this summary is insanely suspicious. She reminded us that this is Robert Mueller’s report and Barr is simply trying to hijack it.

Then Lawrence O’Donell called out the media during his show opening. He called out the poor reporting and how they are trying to say the Barr summary is the actual Mueller report, but it’t not.

People in the media need to start acting more responsibly and using their intelligence . If the media and the public can pull together and demand the truth, then justice can prevail. People need to get their heads on straight and get this worked out. Otherwise, we will just keep hearing the Trump camp’s spun version of it.

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