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Rachel Maddow pulls back the cover after Trump explodes about bombshell report release

There is no doubt, at all, that Russia hacked the 2016 US Presidential Elections.  It is historical fact, beyond refute.  But the current President* not only doesn’t believe it happened (likely because it helped him win), but has reportedly “freaked out” over a recent New York Times bombshell over Trump’s relationship with Russia.

Rachel Maddow recently got to the bottom of why Trump is so dead-set against admitting our elections were hacked.

“Why is the president so freaked out by this news article?” Maddow asked.

“First of all, if The Times report being something that is not true and the U.S. hasn’t developed this capacity, why would it be treason for The New York Times to report that the U.S. has done this?” she continued. “It would be treason? Really?”

“Also, why are you so flipped out about the potential consequence? What do you think the consequence might be of Russia thinking we have upped our cyber capacity against them?”

“What’s the scary consequence for you? The president is reacting to this like this is the worst thing in the world to have a new offensive capacity towards Russia. Why is that so scary to you that that’s in the paper?” she continued.

“It’s a weird response from the president, what is he worried is going to happen now that that’s public news? What do you think the consequence is going to be of Russia learning we have done this?” Maddow asked.

“The other weird part is the president might have freaked out about this news. He might have first learned it from The New York Times,” Maddow noted. “Cybercommand may have been doing this and developing this offensive capacity in Russia without ever telling him that is what they were doing.”

It’s clear that the President is deeply caught up in Russia’s attacks on our democracy, and it’s well past time for Congress to act and rid our country of one of the greatest threats to democracy we’ve ever seen.

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