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Reporters show narcissistic handwritten attack notes Trump sent them

Donald Trump is a child. We all know that. But, in case you need more proof, there’s this:

Politico released a collection of handwritten notes Trump has written to journalists. Some are “Thank you” for articles painting him a good light, and others are petty and mean for articles critical of Trump, and all of them are the work of a 10-year-old mental state, complete with circled names and arrows pointing at reporter’s faces, etc.

Here are a few samples:

(Courtesy of Juli Weiner)

Vanity Fair published the above article that teased Trump about his flirtation with running for president back in 2012. Vanity Fair‘s editor, Graydon Carter, took the bulk of the criticism from Trump. It says

(Courtesy of Justin Elliott)

The 2011 article above by Elliott from Salon was also attacked by Trump after Elliott prophetically suggested that if Trump ran for president, he may hide his financial portfolio. It says…

(Courtesy of Chris Moody)

Trump responded to an article by Moody in Yahoo, who reported the Republican primary debate with Trump as its moderator—but failed to convince candidates to attend—Trump decided to withdraw as the debate’s moderator. The debate was canceled in its entirety soon after. It says…

(Courtesy of Mark Singer)

The above note says:

Politico states: Mark Singer of The New Yorker wrote a book titled Character Studies, which included a profile of Trump that Singer had written years earlier. Trump wrote a letter to the New York Times Book Review and, citing his authority as a best-selling author himself, described Singer and the original reviewer of Character Studies as “losers” who “don’t have what it takes.” He also predicted the book would do badly. But according to Singer, Trump’s published letter quickly moved Character Studies up the charts, and to show his “gratitude,” Singer sent a letter to Trump with an enclosed check for $37.82. Trump sent it back with his written response, above. Despite the unfriendly reception, says Singer, Trump still cashed the check.

What a very strange man-child we have for a President right now.

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