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Republican support ramps up for Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment against Trump

If you thought the recent news of an alleged Ukraine scandal was bad news for Donald Trump, then Tuesday certainly upped the ante when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the formal impeachment inquiry against the president.

Then, not long after Pelosi made the announcement, things got even more interesting for Trump when we began seeing a number of Republicans step forward and offer their thoughts on the matter.  Of course, there were some who briefly stepped out in defense of Trump, such as GOP Senator John Kennedy and GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.  However, that wasn’t the case with GOP Senator Mike Crapo, who release the following statement on Twitter:

“I always prefer Congress remain a legislative body that advances legislation to benefit the American people. As to the question of impeachment, our entire legal system is dependent on our ability to find the truth. I will wait for further information regarding the facts of this matter and refrain from speculating on any outcomes of this discussion and process.”

Essentially, on a day when Donald Trump really could have used more Republican voices like Kennedy’s and McCarthy’s, he instead found Crapo’s speaking more loudly, making it clear that not all Republicans are going to stand up and defend Trump. In other words, at least he and perhaps some of the others will hear the discussion and allow the process to play out.

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