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Republicans Agree to Hand Robert Mueller “Explosive” Piece For His Investigation

The Trump-Russia investigation is moving right along and the next victim appears to be Trump Jr. We know that the Dems on the Senate Judiciary Committee were planning to force the release of Junior’s testimony transcript and it appears they are getting their way. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, this will directly impact him as well.

Earlier this week, Senators Richard Blumenthal and Sheldon White House announced that they wanted the Committee to vote on whether or not to release the Trump Jr. transcripts, which would place them into the hands of Robert Mueller.

“I think all these transcripts should be released — it’s just a question of how and when,” Blumenthal said in a recent interview. “And the Donald Trump Jr. interview transcript will be explosive when it sees the light of day.”

It didn’t take long before someone responded to the request.

Senator Grassley announced that he is going to release those transcripts. He’s said this before, but never followed through. However, Grassley knows if he doesn’t go through with it this time, the Dems will just do it themselves without a committee vote, just as Dianne Feinstein did with the Fusion GPS transcripts recently.

Grassley has agreed it should be done, so one way or another someone will release them and he can’t blame anyone but himself when it happens. It will be interesting to see if he releases them to save his own reputation or if the Democrats will have to do it for him, again.

Regardless, we are all about to see what went on when Trump Jr. met with the Senate Judiciary Committee. These transcripts have been described as “explosive” and we can’t wait to read through them to see just how bad it was.

Mueller hasn’t met with Trump Jr. yet and now he won’t have to. You can bet Mueller is going to jump all over these transcripts and it won’t be good for Trump Jr. or Trump.

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