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Richard Burr Protects Trump From Russia Probe, Then His Russian Money Ties Surface

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr is a giant roadblock in the investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, as he refused to sign off on some documents a few months back, which made everyone question what he may be hiding. Why won’t he just do his job?

Well, we may now know why as it’s being reported that he has investments in an oil drilling company linked to a Russian oil company, which doesn’t look good for him considering the fact that he has refused, as Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, to sign off on documents that would allow the Russian probe to continue.

Scott Dworkin of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump posted documents showing the relationship between National Oilwell Varro Inc. and Russia’s Rosneft. His investment appears to be over $20,000, which is just a small part of his 2 million dollar net-worth, but it doesn’t stop there.

Scott Dworkin reports that Burr has some other ties linking him to Kremlin.

Burr was the beneficiary of $8.1 million from Mitch McConnell Super PAC, which took millions from a pro-Putin Ukrainian. Depending on how that money was divided up, it could be well above that $20,000.

The red flags on this guy should already be waving all over the place. Given his unwillingness to aide in the investigation, maybe someone needs to start looking further into where his money is going and coming from.

These men cannot be trusted. Clearly Russian ties, and money, run deep in this circle.

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