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Robert Mueller Just Turned Congress Loose with the Subpoena Hammer

One of the struggles facing Special Counsel Robert Mueller throughout his investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal has been the parallel investigations run by the congress committees, like the Senate Intelligence Committee. These investigations had to run simultaneously without interfering with the other. This week Mueller told Congress, that is no longer a concern.

A respected political reporter, Michael Isikoff, has shared:

“They’ve been telling people they are tying up loose ends and trying to conclude,” said one source familiar with the communications between Mueller’s office and defense lawyers who represent key witnesses in the case.

That message was reinforced to some degree Monday when Mueller’s office talked to congressional investigators as part of an ongoing discussion about whether new subpoenas for testimony by House and Senate committees might interfere with Mueller’s investigation.

The response, which surprised one investigator, was that it would not, at least in matters relating to alleged obstruction by the White House in the Russia investigation itself. “What we were told is that the investigation has reached a mature enough stage that they’ve basically talked to everybody they want to talk to,” said a knowledgeable source who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Congress now has the green light to interview and question anyone they wish, either privately or publicly in regards to the investigation without interfering with Mueller’s investigation.

This means one of two things: Either Mueller has given up on his obstruction charges, which is hilarious to even think about, or he feels like he has all he needs in his investigation.

It appears Mueller is wrapping up his investigation and he is ready to lay it all out there. We’ve already learned that in the next four days several key sentencing memos are going to be filed. These will detail all the crimes committed and witnessed by Flynn, Manafort and Cohen. Perhaps Mueller is done, which means Trump is too.

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