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Robert Mueller Makes Move That Has Lawmakers Discussing Impeachment

After Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s filing of last week’s sentencing memos, it seemed as if all the mainstream media outlets were awarded a golden opportunity to debate the possibility of impeachment and charges for Donald Trump. And it appears they did exactly that this weekend:

While the debate of impeachment certainly isn’t an old one in democratic circles, it’s definitely picking up more steam, especially now that the memos have been filed and have more or less confirmed that he committed election payoff felonies. Sure, most people have spent time focusing on the largely blacked-out or redacted portions of the memos, but a lot of the information that can be seen within the memos spells disaster for Trump.

Although Robert Mueller’s endgame strategy against the president is still very much unclear, after last week, one thing that’s now pretty obvious is that it’s not just about filing a report against him and calling it a day. Instead, it’s about filing reports against those around him and slowly exposing Trump, allowing the court of public opinion to chew on them, and keep the debate of impeachment alive.

That said, it’s a fairly safe bet that this isn’t the last of Trump’s crimes that Mueller reveals. In fact, we could see more of them revealed in just a matter of days or weeks, which will only add more fuel to the impeachment fire. And more than likely, this trend will continue until the Democrats take over the House in the next few weeks. By then, they will have hit the ground running with nationally televised public hearings on every one of Trump’s scandals, and Mueller will have been smiling, ear to ear, every step of the way.

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