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Robert Mueller Set a Trump Trap, He May Have Just Walked Into It

Over the summer, Special Counsel Robert Mueller told the White House they were to preserve all documents related to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. But then, strangely, Mueller never seemed to be in any hurry at all to collect said documents, which suggests that he had his own copies already.

Now, the White House is turning over some of those documents, leading Bill Palmer to believe this could be a trap set by Mueller to ensnare Trump and/or some of his associates/aides:

Ask any prosecutor or trial attorney, and they’ll tell you that if they’re formally asking the opposition to preserve documents without seeking to immediately collect those documents, it’s because they’re setting a trap. They already have copies of the documents in question, or they already have the necessary information that those documents contain. The point is to get the other side to panic and destroy the most incriminating documents – thus committing obstruction. So now whoever destroyed the documents is on the hook for a crime, and can then be compelled to cooperate by flipping on the real target.

It certainly feels like that is exactly what Robert Mueller is doing to Trump’s White House. If Mueller didn’t already have copies of the things he needed, he would have gone in like gang busters rounding up everything he wanted and needed on the spot, but that’s not what happened. He slow played it and set the perfect trap.

It’s also believed that Robert Mueller’s decision to finally ask for the Michael Flynn documents means that he’s concluded putting together his case on Flynn. If so, Mueller is ready to move against him.

Palmer points out, “It’s why Congress made one final request this week that Flynn testify, which he turned down. It’s why House Democrats have turned over their evidence on Flynn to Mueller (link). Flynn is about to be backed into a corner, leaving him with the choice of giving up Trump or going to prison.”

If you think for one second that Michael Flynn would rather go to prison than squeal on Trump, you’re as ignorant as the 45th President of the United States.  Also, there’s no way that the White House hasn’t destroyed all the most incriminating evidence related to Flynn.  Just how many people are involved in helping Trump obstruct justice is one of the most pressing questions at this point.

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