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Rubio Accidentally Outs Trump’s Hillary/Russia Dossier Claim as Bogus on Live TV

Lots of Republicans have done damage to the presidency of popular vote loser Donald Trump this week, from John McCain, Jeff Flake and Bob Corker’s epic (if not too late) verbal takedowns, to George W. Bush’s passionate speech on the values of America that was clearly a thinly veiled evisceration of Trump.

And now, there’s good ole’ Marco Rubio, who accidentally, or perhaps on purpose, slipped up during an on-camera interview.

Donald Trump desperately attempted to create a Hillary Clinton/DNC scandal this week surrounding the infamous Trump/Russia dossier, but that has fallen flat on its face.

Trump and the GOP are desperately trying to sell the notion that because the dossier was funded by Democrats, that the information it revealed is not’s”fake news”.

Marco Rubio appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer who asked him if his presidential campaign was behind the dossier. Rubio thought he was proving he wasn’t behind it by saying that if he’d uncovered what was in the dossier, he’d have used it to try to hurt Trump.

In doing so, Marco Rubio just admitted that if his campaign had in fact funded the Trump Russia dossier, it would have been completely legitimate for him to use its findings to hurt Trump. Bill Palmer notes:

In other words, it was standard opposition research. That means it was also completely legitimate for Trump’s Democratic rivals to later fund the dossier in the hope of using it against him as well. Rubio just accidentally blew up Trump’s entire phony premise about the dossier being illegitimate based on who funded it. Oops.

Watch what Marco says below:

Oops, indeed, Marco. Robert Mueller and the American people thank you for your service, even if it’s the first good thing you’ve ever done and it was done by accident.

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