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Rudy Giuliani Now Tied to Russian Scandal, “Desperate to Make a Deal”

Just before Donald Trump’s inauguration, BuzzFeed reported a Trump dossier that was allegedly being kept by the Russians, which suggested Trump has deep ties to Russia who has been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” Trump for many years.

Naturally, Trump denied the entire thing by going on a “fake news” rampage once CNN also reported the story. The CNN report lead to a fight between Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta in the now infamous “you are fake news” tirade Trump threw down during a press conference when Trump refused to take a question from Acosta.

Investigative journalist Grant Stern extensively explains, “Circumstantial evidence strongly indicates that President Donald J. Trump and his campaign associates brokered a massive oil privatization deal, where his Organization facilitated a global financial transaction to sell Russian Oil stock to its Syrian War adversary, the Emirate of Qatar.”

How does Rudy Giuliani tie into all of this?

Time Magazine once referred to Rudy Giuliani as an “honorary Texas oil lawyer”. However, it was his drive, his New York connections, and his reach inside both Kremlin and the Persian Gulf that allowed his law firm to become the leading energy law firm for the last 10+ years.

Stern’s Medium report points out:

-Both the Emirate of Qatar and state-owned Russian oil company Rosneft are clients of Rudy Giuliani’s law and consulting firm, Giuliani Partners.

-According to TriGlobal Strategic Ventures, Giuliani’s former clients, the Rudy met with Minister Lavrov in 2004 when he was newly hired, while employed by the venture capital firm.

-The Giuliani/Lavrov relationship represents the highest level link possible between the Trump Campaign’s top surrogate and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

-Russia’s Alfa Bank has also hired Rudy Giuliani as a paid speaker in the past.

Remember Alfa Bank, the bank that had servers pinging Trump’s server several thousand times during the election?

Alfa Bank hired Rudy Giuliani in 2008. He then traveled to Moscow to give a speech at their “Award for Excellence in Foreign Investment in Russia” which they presented to the Intel Corporation.

Stern goes on to report:
Rudy Giuliani is featured prominently on page 8 of the Alfa Bank Fellowship Brochure, meeting with Alfa Bank’s owners.

In late November 2014, Rudy Giuliani’s former law firm told Bloomberg News that Russian state-run oil company Rosneft is one of its clients.

That was just a year after Rosneft had signed a massive deal with Exxon-Mobil — led by now-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — estimated to be worth half a trillion dollars, and after sanctions landed. Bloomberg noted:

The firm’s work for Russia’s state oil company didn’t stop the former Republican presidential candidate talking tough on sanctions against Russia.

Claud Taylor is a veteran of three presidential campaigns and served on the White House staff with Bill Clinton. He claims Rudy Giuliani is in legal jeopardy, according to this source.

It is believed that Giuliani is in the hot seat with the FBI and that James Comey, which used to work for him, had a smoking gun so big that he won’t give Rudy protection in exchange for testimony.

Well-known American hacker The Jester recently said on Twitter that, “Rudy ‘Cyberman’ Giuliani is apparently in a legal quagmire and is desperate to ‘make a deal’.

Time will tell what happens with Rudy Giuliani, but one this is certain; he has found him thrown right into the middle of the Trump/Russian scandal and, given his long history of ties to the Russians, it won’t be surprising if he ends up being fully implicated.

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