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Russian Lawyer Hands Incriminating Details to Robert Mueller About Trump Tower Meeting

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller closes in on the Trump Jr. meeting with Russia, those in Russia are trying to cover their own tails and at the expense of the Trump family.

Representatives from the Russian government are trying say they did not collude with Trump, despite Trump’s attempts to do so.

The attorney for the Kremlin, Natalia Veselnitskaya, is now saying she pitched the meeting to Trump Jr’s friend Rob Goldstone in regards to the Russian sanctions. That implies Goldstone was the one who lied to Trump Jr. about dirt on Clinton being at stake.

If that’s true, then the election rigging/dirt getting expectations were only on the Trump side of the meeting, as he already confessed that it was on the agenda.

Here’s the interesting revelation in this new denial by the Russian lawyer…

If what Veselnitskaya is claiming is true, it means that Russia wasn’t meeting with Trump Jr. et al to try to rig the election, but rather that Trump Jr thought he was going to be rigging the election by meeting with the Russia lawyer.

This easily lets the Russians off the hook and throws Trump Jr. and all involved under the bus, which includes his father, Donald Trump Sr., as it’s already been established that Secret Service was at the meeting – according to Trump’s attorney – which would have to mean the president-elect was there, because Trump Jr. didn’t have Secret Service detail at the time.

While we aren’t buying this convenient story, as we are sure Robert Mueller isn’t either, it is very telling of the Russian government. They are willing to throw Trump and his family under the bus. We can only assume they are less than thrilled with his inability to lessen the sanctions on Russia and are finally cutting their bond with him.

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