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Senator Cleverly Reveals Trump Jr.’s Guilt After Testimony

Donald Trump Jr. didn’t do himself or his father any favors with his bumbling testimony before Senate investigators on Thursday, basically admitting that his father tried to cover up his lies about the nature of the infamous June 2016 meeting with a Russian operative.  Democratic Senator Chris Coons is hinting that Trump Jr. may have indeed incriminated himself pretty badly with his testimony.

Of course, Trump Jr’s testimony was behind closed doors, so we have to go on what the media reports and what those in the meeting reveal. Based on the info released from the media, Trump Jr. took the position that he met with representatives from the Russian government to determine Hillary Clinton’s “fitness” to serve as President.

What most are missing here is that his stance is all but an admission of guilt when it comes to Russia election collusion, as he’s now acknowledging that he tried to get dirt about his father’s opponent from a hostile foreign government. But Senator Chris Coons is now signaling that Junior may still be lying.

Bill Palmer points out:

Shortly after Donald Trump Jr testified today, Senator Coons sent out a copy of the statute on giving false statements to Congress link. Although Coons offered no specifics, he left no doubt about what he was referring to, as recipients are listed as “Interested parties” and the subject is “Donald Trump Jr testimony today.” So what’s he hinting at?

If Coons had been looking to warn Donald Trump Jr. not to lie under oath, he’d have sent this out just before today’s testimony. Instead, by sending it shortly afterwards, he appears to be signaling that he caught Junior lying during his testimony. That’s a crime, and a prosecutable one at that – which would mean he’s been nailed. It’s the kind of leverage that can be used against Junior to force him to come back and offer more revealing details about his father’s criminal antics.

Can you imagine the backlash if Trump has to pardon his own son?  It may be the kind of thing that Trump finally couldn’t survive.

Come on, Senate investigators, and nail these morons for the corrupt fools they are.

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