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Senator says Donald Trump is close to charges

The arrest of Roger Stone was a major blow to Donald Trump. The indictment didn’t list all of the crimes Robert Mueller has presented to the grand jury, so it’s not a completely finished case. It’s clear Mueller is just trying to establish the criminal conspiracy between Stone, WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign.

Many had speculated that Steve Bannon is the senior Trump campaign official who told Roger Stone to illegally conspire with WikiLeaks. The indictment specified that Bannon was told by someone else to have Stone do it, but Bannon would have only taken that direction from Donald Trump himself, or a member of the Trump family. Now. a U.S. Senator is confirming this.

Senator Richard Blumenthal was on CNN and said “In my view, and probably in Robert Mueller’s view, that person, directing the senior official, had to be Donald Trump, or possibly Donald Trump Jr.” If it was Jr, he wouldn’t have done so without his father knowing. Blumenthal added that in his opinion, Trump “is one step, maybe just a baby step, away from criminal charges.”

We agree. Mueller has jumped on his indictment of Stone to get one step closer to Trump. There have been many who have argued that a sitting president cannot be indicted but the Democratic leaders have made it clear they do not agree. If Mueller is moving forward this quickly and he’s working with the Democratic leaders, odds are high that even he thinks he can indict a sitting president and that is exactly what he plans to do.

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