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Senior Trump Official Quits

On Sunday evening, it was announced that, after having met with Donald Trump, Homeland Security Director suddenly resigned from her post. At first, it was reported that her resignation was a mutual agreement, but based on a comment that has leaked since, we’re not so sure.

In the words of a White House source who spoke to CNN about the resignation, Kirstjen Nielsen thinks that Donald Trump is “becoming increasingly unhinged about the border crisis and making unreasonable and even impossible requests.” Although Nelson is not the first high ranking official to depart from Trump’s White House, if this is truly how she feels, she’s certainly the first to throw such heavy shade at Trump while on the way out.

Also, considering Nielsen was believed to have been on Trump’s side all this time, it makes the news of this comment that much more surprising. She certainly was with him when it came to retaining immigrant children in cages at the border and keeping them away from their parents, so what changed? If that craziness in itself didn’t qualify as “unhinged,” then what does?

Unfortunately, we do not have the answers just yet, but whatever has transpired has led Nelson to believe that Trump spiraled and reached the point where he began demanding that she make imaginary or impossible things happen. Ultimately, this left her with two choices: Quit, or be ousted for confronting him about his outrageous demands.

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