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Something very suspicious with Barr’s “summary” – and MSNBC’s Ari Melber caught it

This week Trump’s Attorney General William Barr released a four page “summary” of the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The summary seems to be the complete opposite of everything Mueller has been investigating up until this point and everything we’ve seen as a result. Despite the report not being made public yet, there’s already an indication that Barr has taken it completely out of context.

Ari Melber, host at MSNBC, noticed something interesting in Barr’s summary. Despite the length of the summary it contained no direct quotes from Mueller. This is very telling and should raise some red flags for Americans.

Barr was just handed a very long, classified report. He was supposed to summarize it for the public and give them confidence that he has this entire thing under control. He had no limit as to what he could include or how long the summary could be. You would think that quoting the lead investigator or part of the report would help enforce your point. The fact that he didn’t, actually hurts his argument.

The only “quotes” he used came from hand picked sentence pieces and not one complete thought. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that he hand picked these pieces, potentially out of context to build his version of the report. The summary he wrote is a joke and once the House Democrats get the full report made public, everyone will see this sham for exactly what it is.

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