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Star Witness in Mueller’s Investigation Just Might Be Getting Bribed with Trump Money

Donald Trump began campaigning for his 2020 reelection bid pretty much the day he took office. No one could really figure out where all this campaign money was going, but then we found out that at least part of it was helping fund Trump Jr.’s legal fees.

Now it has also been revealed that these “reelection” funds look like they are going to Trump’s personal secretary, which has a number of implications.

The group Citizens for Ethics (CREW) has been suing Trump and those associated with him in order to expose just how deep his financial schemes go.

CREW, a legal activist group, has pieced together that the same attorney representing Trump Jr. and Trump’s personal secretary Rhonda Graff in the Russian scandal investigations.

This “reelection” money is likely covering Rhonda Graff as well.

If Trump is in fact scheming to cover these legal bills for her, he’s probably expecting her to not cooperate or do anything that can implicate him during the investigation, which is just another way of describing a bribe to keep quiet.

This could be yet another incident of obstructing justice on Donald Trump’s part. This is bigger than just taking care of your son’s legal fees, this is potentially blocking a star witness from turning on him.

Regardless of his reasons, Robert Mueller is probably digging through this as we speak. If the communication between Graff and Trump could be subpoenaed, Mueller would be giant steps closer to taking Trump down. If not, the “reelection” funds being used for his secretary’s legal fees are a scandal in itself.

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