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Subpoena hammer Drops – and the Trumps are melting down over it

Yesterday, it was revealed that the Senate Intelligence Committee, led by Republican Chairman Richard Burr, has subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. to testify regarding answers he gave to the Senate Judiciary Committee about the Trump-Russia scandal.

Although it is presently unclear what the Senate committee wants to ask Trump Jr., early suspicions suggest the subpoena wasn’t issued in order to help Donald Trump Jr. cover his tracks. Instead, it is widely believed that Burr may be trying to cover his own tracks considering the Mueller report revealed that he tried to help Trump avoid the investigation altogether in early 2017.

According to Trump Jr.’s response to the subpoena, there may be some merit to those suspicions, as he is lashing out at Burr and supposedly sees it as nothing more than a “PR stunt” from a “so-called” Republican which he is poised to fight.

Per the Wall Street Journal, someone close to Trump suggested that Junior has accused Burr of being “too cowardly to stand up to his boss [Sen.] Mark Warner and the rest of the resistance Democrats on the committee.”

However, what this source close to Trump has failed to realize is that the Republicans have the majority on the Senate Intelligence Committee, so it’s not as if any resistance from the Democrats is overbearing.

Regardless of what the subpoena ultimately yields, the sheer mention of its existence has already turned a number of heads and has escalated into a quite the conundrum, especially considering Team Trump is simultaneously telling everyone that only the Democrats are interested in investigating Donald Trump’s scandals. That said, I can understand why Trump Jr. will fight the subpoena. The last thing he or his father needs is this “so-called” Republican turning against them and destroying the narrative.

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