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Suspect Caught in Russia Scandal, Immediately Pleads The Fifth

With each passing day, the Trump-Russia scandal gets uglier and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Up to this point, four of Trump’s campaign advisers have been arrested and two of those have already pleaded the fifth, which doesn’t look suspicious at all, right?

Mueller has much of Trump’s family on the line as well, including Donald Trump himself who is facing more legal trouble than he ever expected, but in Trump’s mind, he’s gong to be exonerated any moment now.

Roger Stone is a long-time Trump ally who has bragged about his Russian backchannel with via the known cyberterrorist group WikiLeaks, who released stolen emails to the public that had been heavily doctored. Stone was staring arrest for contempt of Congress right in the face, so he’s finally given up his backchannel contact.

Randy Credico is the man’s name and after Congress hit him with a summons, he invoked his Fifth Amendment right, according to the the latest Mother Jones report.

During the 2016 campaign, Stone claimed repeatedly that he was in communication with Assange. When Stone testified before the House Intelligence Committee on September 26, he said his contact with WikiLeaks’ founder had come through a “mutual acquaintance,” but he declined to name that person. At some point since, Stone reportedly told the panel that Credico was his go-between, prompting the committee’s subpoena of Credico late last month. 

Randy Credico, a comedian and radio host who Trump adviser Roger Stone claims was his intermediary to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, has asserted his Fifth Amendment right ahead of an interview with the House Intelligence Committee that was scheduled for Friday, according to his lawyer. As a result, the committee has released Credico from appearing before the panel as part of its investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal.

The Fifth Amendment doesn’t protect you from investigation and prosecution, it simply protects you from answering certain questions. Usually when someone does this, it backfires greatly because it alerts the prosecutor that there is in fact something worth hiding.

Congress isn’t going to waste their time with a fool who will refuse to answer questions, instead they will thoroughly investigate and Mueller now knows where he needs to dig next. The next time they call on him it will be to arrest him and he won’t be able to avoid it. Flynn tried this same thing early on and look where it got him.

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