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Texas Congressman Reveals Trump Has Deported 1,400 Veterans

Donald Trump made a campaign pledge to not deport people who had served in the US military.  Add that to the ever growing list of things Donald Trump lied about as a presidential candidate. It is estimated that Trump has already deported somewhere around a whopping 1, 400 veterans.

That number comes from Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D. Tx), who, in an interview with the Rio Grande Guardian, blasted the president for his treatment of undocumented veterans.  Gonzalez doesn’t plan on stopping there, though, as he is pushing for massive bipartisan legislation to protect all American Veterans, regardless of immigration status.

Gonzalez told the paper:

“I am looking for a Republican colleague to join me in this effort. It is the most American thing to do. To take [care] of our veterans who fought for us. Many were highly decorated veterans that were in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many of them came hope [sic] with high levels of PTSD. We didn’t offer them the mental healthcare they needed to transition them back into society.”

“These are folks who have never had any legal trouble in their life. They were discharged honorably. They get into a little trouble and they are deported.”

Asked how many there were, Gonzalez said: “About 1,400. Mostly to Mexico and Central America. There is a community living in Baja California.”

Gonzalez, a freshman congressman, said that when he got to Washington, D.C., he was shocked to learn veterans have been deported.

“Nobody talks about it. We need to bring more attention to it. It is a real indictment on our country to deport people who have defended us. If you fought for this country, you certainly deserve to live in it.”

Well said, Rep. Gonzalez.

Who will join him in standing up for the brave men and women who protected our freedoms?

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