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Thanks to Robert Mueller, Multiple criminal cases get blown wide open

William Barr stated in his summary that there were no more indictments coming from the Mueller probe. The trouble for him came quickly as Greg Craig was indicted just last week for working as an unregistered foreign agent in relation to the Paul Manafort case. This was uncovered by Special Counsel Robert Mueller who then handed the case off to federal prosecutors. More evidence seems to suggest that Barr completely lied in his summary, because more indictments are in fact on the way.

Mueller also uncovered a political operative named Sam Patten during the Manafort investigation. He helped a foreign oligarch funnel money into the Donald Trump inauguration committee. Mueller has already handed off this case as well. Patten cut a deal and was sentenced last week.

Patten only got probation even though he was guilty of crimes worth years in prison. The question here is who did he sell out to save himself? CNN said “Some details about how Patten helped Mueller’s team remain under seal.” The only reason for it to remain sealed is if it involved ongoing criminal cases. So, there’s more to come.

Sam Patten did work with confirmed Russian spy Konstantin Kilimnik who was indicted by Mueller. Kilimnik is not likely to be arrested, but it’s possible there are other American operatives that were also working with them. Patten may have also had knowledge of other foreign donations to the Trump inaugural fund which is already under investigation by the SDNY. Regardless of what Barr wants us to believe, it’s clear there are likely many more indictments on the way.

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