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Thanks to Trump, another Republican official jumps ship and joins Democrats

In the wake of the very damning and not-at-all-exonerating-for-Trump Mueller Report, Republicans are turning on Trump in droves.

One big example is Iowa State Representative Andy McKean, who says he’s becoming a Democrat because he can’t support a party that supports Trump.

Iowa’s WHOTV reports, “State Representative Andy McKean of Anamosa made the surprise announcement in a press conference on Tuesday morning at the State Capitol. McKean says President Trump is setting a bad example for the country and he can’t support him or his party. He says the decision was difficult and he knows it will disappoint many.

McKean was first elected to the legislature as a Republican State Senator in 1978. He left office in 1993 but returned in 2016 after he was elected as a Republican in the Iowa House.

With McKean’s party switch, Republicans now hold a 53 to 47 seat advantage in the Iowa House. Republicans control the State Senate by a 32 to 18 seat margin.”

The #RepublicansForImpeachment has been trending on Twitter for several days, as more and more conservatives realize they can’t in good conscience continue to support Trump’s corruption.

The Mueller Report has also seen Trump’s approval rating dip back down into the 30s, making him almost without question the most unpopular president in history.


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