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The 45th President is now threatening Americans for simply doing their jobs

Donald Trump is a big fan of Kim Jong Un. A man who treats the citizens of his country like garbage and only cares about himself and his legacy. He wants to dominate and not be questioned. This man has become a friend of Trump. This man is a person that Donald Trump now admires; wrap your mind around that for a moment.

Trump was acting out his desire to be more like his hero leader when he threatened to have a TIME Magazine photographer jailed. The photographer was trying to snap a photo of a personal letter to Trump from Kim Jong Un. Trump thinks he can have whoever he wants jailed for any reason he sees fit. That’s not how things work in America, even if he wishes it were.

TRUMP: Excuse me—Under Section II—well, you can go to prison instead, because, if you use, if you use the photograph you took of the letter that I gave you—

TIME: Do you believe that people should be—

TRUMP: Confidentially, I didn’t give it to you to take photographs of it—so don’t play that game with me. Let me just tell you something. You take a look—

TIME: I’m sorry, Mr. President. Were you threatening me with prison time?

TRUMP: Well, I told you the following. I told you you can look at this off-the-record. That doesn’t mean you take out your camera and start taking pictures of it. Okay? So I hope you don’t have a picture of it. I know you were very quick to pull it out—even you were surprised to see that. You can’t do that stuff. So go have fun with your story. Because I’m sure it will be the 28th horrible story I have in Time magazine because I never—I mean—ha. It’s incredible.

The leader Trump wants to be sounds like some made up Disney villain when in reality he’s becoming closer to it each day. He wants to be like his friends Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin. North Korea is forced to praise their leader constantly and Trump is daily working to mold America into the same, despite Americans constantly voicing their disapproval. Trump wants his very own North Korea, but that is not going to happen here on American soil. Period.

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