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The president’s assets are expected to be seized while in office

Given the rate at which we have been learning of his long, decorated history of alleged crimes, one can’t help but wonder how many more things have to be discovered and/or revealed before justice is finally served to Donald Trump. Well, according to one inside source, one may not have to wonder much longer.

With the Feds and the State of New York now elbow deep in their investigations into his various crimes, this news comes as no surprise, of course. However, according to the source, the manner in which they may begin serving the justice is particularly interesting, because rather than going directly at him and trying to remove him from the White House, it appears they’re set to go after his assets instead.

So…who is the inside source with this insight? It’s none other than TV personality, Donny Deutsch.

In an evening appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Deutsch predicted that Trump’s assets will indeed be seized while he’s still in office. And considering Deutsch has known Donald Trump for twenty years, and is also a longtime friend of Michael Cohen, this puts him in prime position to be fully privy to just how ugly all of the potential crimes inside the Trump Organization and Trump real estate empire are.

Although Deutch didn’t expand on how the asset seizures will begin, logical deduction suggests that since the State of New York just launched a criminal investigation into Donald Trump’s insurance fraud, depending on what it has discovered, it may be able to hit him with huge fines as a result. And due to being cash-poor and unable to pay those fines, Trump would then have no choice but to forfeit assets of some sort, whether that be his bank accounts, or his real estate properties in the state…or BOTH.

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