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The real Robert Mueller report is getting released

Attorney General William Barr shared his “summary” of the Mueller report and team Trump is counting this as a huge victory. House Democrats are trying their best to get their hands on the full Mueller report as soon as possible and it’s being predicted that a completely different version than the Barr “summary” will be discovered.

Senator Lindsey Graham, who is well known for his loyalty to Trump, was seen partying in Mar-a-Lago this past weekend with him. He’s now telling NBC News that he spoke with William Barr and Barr told him he “will be working with Special Counsel Mueller to release a declassified version of the final report “sooner rather than later.” Even this raises some concern.

Why is Lindsey Graham involved in this at all? As the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he has no real role in this. If Barr is having these conversations with Graham, is he also having them with all the other chairs of investigative committees? Is he only talking to Trump’s allies? If so, that raises another major red flag.

The House Democrats will move swiftly to obtain this report and also bring Mueller in to testify publicly about the report. They will clearly be fighting an uphill battle against Trump enablers like Barr and Graham, but it’s clear the GOP can’t be trusted to handle this. We can only hope that the report does surface in its entirety sooner rather than later and then all of this speculation and cover up can be over once and for all.

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