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Trevor Noah Releases Very Disturbing Tape of Trump Defending/Praising Statutory Rapist

The Daily Show recently uncovered some video from 2004 that may come back to haunt Donald Trump. Host Trevor Noah said the following about the video:

“There is no context in which Trump will not zero in on a woman’s looks. And we discovered a clip the other day that exemplifies that perfectly. It’s December 2004, and America is in a tizzy over a sex scandal in which a 23-year-old middle school teacher was arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old student—aka a sex crime. And in an appearance on a morning radio show, Donald Trump was kind enough to share some of his thoughts.”

Watch what Trevor Noah had to say about it…

Here are those (disgusting) thoughts, shared with host Don Imus:

“How would you like to be the husband of the wife who was playing around with a 14-year-old kid? Unbelievable,” Trump said of the case.

“By the way, did you see what she looked like?” asked Trump.

“Not bad,” replied host Don Imus.

“Not bad? Yeah, I’d say so,” said Trump. “I know a lot of guys who are trying to date her right now, Don.”

Trump added this little gem at the end: “So do you think this 14-year-old kid is scarred forever? He might have put the moves on her. It might have given him confidence, actually.”

So Trump applauds the woman for her looks, defends her crime of raping her student, and commends the boy for the confidence the ordeal might give him. …wow.

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