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Trump admin gets slammed for his new low: “Trump is deporting Americans”

The lasting legacy of President Donald Trump may not be his massive allleged criminal activity, corruption and general sense of trying to be above the law and establish himself as an authoritarian ruler. The lasting legacy of President Trump just may end up being the cruelest and most un-American immigration policies this country has ever seen.

This story from AP News, about Paul Fernando Schreiner, is one such example of the cruelty of this administration and the harm that it is doing to American families.

From the article:

“I am anything but Brazilian,” said Schreiner, who was adopted from Brazil by a U.S. family three decades ago. “I am an American.”

The U.S. government disagrees, underscoring the increasingly hard line the Trump administration is taking with legal residents deemed deportable.

U.S. immigration authorities went to such lengths to remove Schreiner that they may have broken Brazilian law and have made it virtually impossible for him to exercise his supposed Brazilian citizenship.

Read the article for more details.  This story should terrify and sadden all Americans with a heart (ie, not Republicans).  As Seth Abramson rightfully points out, this administration is now deporting Americans:


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