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Trump aide suggests evidence was purposely destroyed in Robert Mueller’s investigation

The Republicans have been doing their best to paint the Mueller report in Trump’s favor. Unfortunately for them, no one is buying it. Mueller’s people, Mueller himself and even former members of Trump’s staff are coming out with the truth about what’s inside that report.

Omarosa Manigault-Newman has been out of the spotlight for awhile since her abrupt departure from the White House. She’s been very outspoken about her views of the Trump administration since then and this time she’s had some interesting information to share.

Omarosa was once a huge supporter of Trump’s and during her time on his staff investigators charged her and other staff members with preserving all campaign-related correspondence and emails. This week she’s sharing some interesting thoughts about that evidence on Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation.

According to Omarosa, she met with John Kelly on her last day at work and was instructed to leave seven boxes of campaign related documents behind. In later emails she received, only two boxes were ever mentioned. She said that she believes the other five boxes were destroyed.

She has no proof of this and it’s possible she’s wrong, but considering the past actions of the Trump team, we wouldn’t be surprised. Don McGahn’s testimony will be very telling and if any other staffers come forward to support her claim, things could get really interesting really quickly.

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