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Trump already pulling shady tricks to try to win next election

With the 2020 presidential election less than seventeen months away, it appears Donald Trump and his re-election campaign are finally beginning to realize there is little-to-no incumbency advantage. This became evident when they put up a bogus ten question poll on the campaign’s website and rigged each question in Trump’s favor so that he would look better than he actually is.

Of course, this poll surfaced not long after Trump’s own pollsters showed he was behind in a number of the key states he would need to win re-election. Regardless, rather than it containing questions that actually concern his voters and how his administration would plan to address them, it instead contains questions such as “Who do you believe prioritizes AMERICANS over dangerous illegal aliens?” and “Who do you believe will NEVER allow America to turn into a SOCIALIST Nation?”

Frankly, it’s almost as if the entire poll aims to shed negative light on Trump’s predecessor, former President Barack Obama, which is rather comical when you think about it. I mean, Obama has been out of office for nearly three years, yet when you read each question, you’d think he were still occupying the presidency. It’s almost as if burning Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders makes too much sense, so instead, the Trump campaign has decided to focus on the Obama years and how their incumbent stacks up against a candidate theirs never had to run against and certainly never will.

But in all honesty, this shouldn’t be all that surprising considering the appeal of his 2016 candidacy has all but withered away, as we’ve all seen how a non-politician performs when rewarded with the presidency. So now, he has no choice but to blast his predecessor in order to stroke his own insecure ego.

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