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Trump Claims All Men Are Not Created Equal: “It’s not true…you can’t say they’re all created equal”

In an unearthed New York Times transcript from 2009, art critic Deborah Solomon asked Donald Trump about the phrase “all men are created equal” – usually considered the cornerstone of American democracy.

Trump suggested he didn’t care for it. Instead, Trump expresses the theory that there are superior genetics that enable certain people to succeed and others to fail.

TRUMP: It’s not just wanting to be a champion, you need certain ingredients. They say all men are created equal. It doesn’t get any more famous but, is it true?

If “all men are created equal” is indeed the cornerstone of American democracy, then Genetic Superiority is the cornerstone of Nazi fascism. Something that, as Brian Buetler points out on Twitter, creates issues for our President when paired with his history of racist statements and actions:

But back to the 2009 interview for a minute…it got worse with a follow up question about “all men are created equal”:

TRUMP: It’s not true. Some people are born very smart, some people are born not so smart. Some people are born very beautiful and some people are not so you can’t say they’re all created equal.

SOLOMON: They’re entitled to equal treatment under the law. I think that’s what the statement means. It doesn’t mean everybody has the same endowments.

TRUMP: That’s correct. The phrase is used often so much and it’s a very confusing phrase to a lot of people.

In short, Donald Trump does not accept the basic tenet of democracy that all men are created equal.  Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves because this guy is now president.

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